Potential of Hydrogen or pH
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What is pH?

According to Wikipedia, in chemistry, pH is a numeric scale used to specify the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution. The scale runs from 0 to 14. If it is located lower on the scale, it is more acidic. If it is located higher on the scale, it is more basic, or alkaline. Processed foods and products like yogurt, fish, and cheese are typically more acidic while vegetables like beets, bell peppers, and kale are high alkaline.

What does pH have to do with water?

Pure water is considered a neutral—located right in the middle of the scale—with a pH of 7. Unfortunately, not all water is pure and is rarely ever at this actual level.  Since water makes up so much of our body it is critical that we drink the right type of water.

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline, ionized water is water that has been specifically altered in a water ionizer to raise pH from neutral to pH 9 or more and also to display negative charge (-ORP). Water above pH 7 is alkaline and water below pH 7 is acidic. pH can be easily measured by using pH reagent or a meter, and ORP is measured using an ORP meter.

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THE Oxidoreduction Potential or ORP (also known as Redox), is a unit of measurement that determines a substance's ability to reduce oxidation. Thus, the lower the ORP, the greater the reduction potential. It is measured in mV (millivolts).

Negative ORP (ORP-) is a reducing agent or “antioxidant.” Considering all the harms of oxidation on human health, it is therefore important to drink a negatively charged alkaline ionized water.

ORP and Your Water

Water with a high pH level has a higher amount of reducing agents and is designated by -ORP, which is a negative ORP reading. Water with a low pH has a higher amount of oxidizing agents and is designated by +ORP, which is a positive ORP reading. An ORP meter measures the oxidation reduction potential in millivolts, or mv. The range of a reading shows how much a substance is oxidizing or anti-oxidizing.

You’ll hear about ORP related to your alkaline water machine because the machine changes the ORP of the water from regular tap water. The ORP is what’s responsible for the antioxidant value of the water and the micro clusters that make alkaline water more hydrating.

Most water has a positive ORP reading, so it is oxidizing. Generally, tap water has an ORP from +200 to +600mv. Bottled water tends to have high ORP levels of more than +400mv. Alkaline ionized water is different because it has a negative ORP reading, making it anti-oxidizing. This enables it to give some bonus electrons, which help counteract free radicals that create aging and disease in the body.

You can gain the benefits of anti-oxidizing water at home by putting your tap water through a water ionizer machine. In addition to changing the pH level of your tap water, these machines change the ORP to offer the benefits of antioxidants. Plus, the machine tells you the pH level and the ORP reading of the water so you’re informed about what you’re drinking.